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Multifamily Property, Liability, and Development Programs for Owners & Management Companies

Numerous property insurance options available, we have programs which can accommodate 1,000 units up to the largest owner/management company.

With access to programs containing over $415 billion in assets we have created specialized coverages, features, and pricing not available to standard commercial insurance agents or other multifamily specific insurance brokers.

We also specialize in the creation of captive insurance companies for owners and management companies of multifamily properties.

We can design a custom property package for your management company which would allow new clients to be rolled into your master program saving them time and capital.  This can be used as a marketing tool to attract new clients.

Our programs can include specialized coverages for owners and developers of multifamily properties.

Our team brings decades of extensive experience in the multifamily construction arena.  They can guide you from inception to reality to make sure your exposures are properly covered. 

In house real-time certificate tracking for sub-contractor compliance during development/construction.  A key component in the transfer of risk, our in-house team takes this burden off of your staff.

Resident Credit Reporting

Rental Payment Reporting & ID Theft Protection for Residents

Allows your residents to improve their credit history or establish a positive payment history with the credit bureaus.

Reduce rental payment delinquencies and losses.  In addition, studies show that implementing one of our credit reporting programs lengthens average resident retention by 6 months.

Full-service program that works with almost all multifamily industry software management systems and can be implemented on a per building basis. 

Monthly rental building analysis provided including on-time payment reports, outstanding payments, and account receivables information provided.

Residents view this service as an marketable amenity, increasing their purchasing power, reducing interest rates, and providing a path to home ownership.  

Research and property surveys confirm residents want this service and it includes a pass through revenue program that allows you to increase your NOI. 

100% Participation Resident Property Damage Liability Program

Protect Your Property from Resident Caused Losses

Pricing Starts at $8.29 per Unit

This program is an automated risk management tool which fulfills the resident’s contractual liability obligation specified in the lease.  It also provides personal property coverage for the impacted residents and displacement costs, subject to program limits.  


Residents are automatically enrolled in the program during the leasing process without individual resident underwriting.  All occupied units are eligible for coverage under this program’s master policy.


This platform materially improves NOI and is a great marketing tool. The program synchronizes data from many popular property management software systems for a seamless operational exchange of information.


The program is primary coverage, meaning it pays first dollar on covered losses originated by negligent residents — subject to a $250 deductible. This risk management tool can dramatically reduce your insurance loss ratios, increasing insurability, and contributing to the bottom line.

No cost to the owner/manager for the program software, risk management tools, or training materials.  Increased asset valuation options for the owner/manager are available.

Senior ID Sentry

ID Theft Protection Specifically Designed for Senior Living Residents

Pricing Based on Features & Unit Count

ID theft and recovery solutions for your residents.  Residents are automatically enrolled at lease inception, no additional paperwork needed on behalf of your staff.

Credit monitoring, dark web surveillance, health claims monitoring, $1 million reimbursement insurance, plus many other features.

Direct access to a personal ICFE - certified fraud recovery expert.

The average person spends 140 hours recovering from an identity breach.  Our program's average case resolve time is within two days.

No time limit on the resolution of the case, meaning we will not stop until the member's identity is fully restored.  Includes a three year warranty of services provided.

Residents view this service as an amenity, and are thankful for the added protection their community affords them. 

Additional income streams available.

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